Late August Update

Hello intrepid readers!

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d better check in. I’ve been writing at least a couple of hours every day, working diligently on my new series. If anyone is interested in reading excerpts or snippets, I am posting around 1k word unedited excerpts from my WIP monthly on Patreon for subscribers at apprentice level or above ($5/mo). There are already a couple of excerpts up!

Before you cry out in anguish that I’m not working on Bel’s War III, rest assured that I will begin work on it before the end of the year. If all goes according to plan, 2023 will see FOUR new releases from me: Books 1, 2, and 3 of Serian Tales (yes, I’m working toward releasing an entire, completed, series all at once!) and Book III of Bel’s War.

If I’m being truthful, I do expect that Book III of Bel’s War will probably get pushed back to later in 2023 in terms of release- but I think the wait will be worth it!

Lastly, we are nearing the end of the audiobook journey for Descent of Ravens- I know it has taken us a while, but knowing as I do what an amazing job @isaacgrisham has done, it’s going to be epic when it comes out!

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AC Andrews is an LGBTQ+ writer living in the upper-Midwest along the shores of Lake Michigan with his lovely spouse and his ancient and grizzled cat. He enjoys aquascaping, gardening, and reading M/M romances, epic fantasy, and urban fantasy. His goal is to write engaging fantasy with LGBTQ+ protagonists.

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