Summer 2022 Updates

Hi everyone!

Just a brief update on what I have cooking in summer 2022 and beyond. First up, the audiobook for Descent of Ravens is on its way- we are in final edits and I hope to have it live on Audible by the end of the summer. Production for Will of Dragons is set to start after that.

I’m taking a brief break from the Bel’s War series so that my mind can stay creative with it- I plan to resume work on Book III sometime in Oct of 2022. For now, what I’m working on is a new series that should be fun and exciting.

I’m working on writing more than just the first book of this new series at once- that is, my current thinking is to write until the series is finished, and then release the completed series in 2023 all at once (if I can get all the covers lined up, that is).

My last update is that if you are looking for more regular updates or content, consider joining my Patreon (, where I post regular blog updates and for $5/mo supporters and higher, a monthly 1k word excerpt from my work-in-progress or a short story.

Long story short: 2023 could end up being a huge year for book releases from me, if all goes according to [my evil] plan.

In the meantime, I wish you all a fantastic rest of 2022, and hope to see you [reading my new releases] in 2023.


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AC Andrews is an LGBTQ+ writer living in the upper-Midwest along the shores of Lake Michigan with his lovely spouse and his ancient and grizzled cat. He enjoys aquascaping, gardening, and reading M/M romances, epic fantasy, and urban fantasy. His goal is to write engaging fantasy with LGBTQ+ protagonists.

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