Book cover, depicting a young man wielding light magic and a staff with two figures in the background.

Descent of Ravens

The old covenant of the gods is broken. Will the world break, too?

When an army of vampires invades their home, Rio and Turi must fight for their future as the fate of an empire hangs in the balance.

The exiled son of an emperor, bitten and infected with the night-curse, seals himself into a tomb for eternity only to be awakened eight hundred years later by an anxious priest who needs his help saving their people. The healer Rio, a priest of Astara, is lost in grief and rage when war comes to Trosika; yet he is drawn to the enigmatic vampire prince, pulled by a love that stretches across lifetimes.

Meanwhile, Rio’s best friend Turi is gifted three bones by a mysterious blind old woman, only to find he has been given power over life and death itself. Can Turi confront his past and master necromancy in time to save his friends, and can Prince Philip help Rio save his religion from extinction?

How can Rio and Turi survive, when not even their patron goddess could stop the forces arrayed against them?

Descent of Ravens is an exciting new fantasy with gay, trans, and non-binary characters, rich world-building, and dark adventure!

Release Date: Aug 30, 2021

E-book, paperback, and hardcover exclusively on Amazon!

Cover art by Kelley York of SleepyFoxStudio



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Keep an eye out for Book II of Bel’s War,

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